Your partner for a Worry Free hatchery

Jamesway is the partner you need to produce quality chicks and enjoy complete confidence in your incubators and hatchers.

A worry free hatchery is a state of mind. And Jamesway’re committed to helping you get there.

To Jamesway, “worry free” means knowing that your equipment is solid, that your HVAC is efficient and that your embryos are nestled in the perfect environment. Jamesway is the partner you need to produce quality chicks and enjoy complete confidence in your incubators and hatchers. Their machines are famous for reliability, efficiency and longevity, and they will offer the best long-term return on your investment.

Jamesway knows that eggs are not hatched in a laboratory. A real hatchery is a fast-paced, chaotic world teeming with energy and commotion. Jamesway has a unique understanding of that world since its research and development team includes former hatchery managers and specialists who together offer over 250 years of hands-on experience.

Jamesway has a solid reputation worldwide with offices in Canada, the United States and Asia, and production facilities in Canada and China. Jamesway proudly provides equipment to 17 of the top 20 North American poultry organizations and 12 of the top 20 International poultry companies. Jamesway has over 1,600 customersin over 105 countries.


Count on Jamesway machines

Jamesway's single-stage and multi-stage incubation systems are industry leaders for a reason: the most effective designs also translate into the most reliable, easy-to-use, and energy-efficient machines.


Easy to use and maintain

A user-friendly design and an emphasis on accessibility make Jamesway incubators and hatchers a valuable addition to any hatchery. Less time spent on installation, maintenance, and staff training means more time for what matters most.


Reliable performance

Their incubators, hatchers and ventilation systems are the most reliable on the market, delivering consistent performance and the ideal environment for eggs and chicks.

Low total cost of ownership

User-friendly controls, with durable components and readily available spare parts ensure low installation, operation and maintenance costs over the lifespan of the system.

Energy efficient

Cost-effective water heating systems, heat recovery solutions, and energy-saving accessories, coupled with the smallest fan motors in the industry, help reduce the hatchery’s carbon footprint and generate long-term cost savings.

Easily adapted to changing needs

The flexible design of Jamesway equipment is easily adapted to new requirements. When your hatchery expands, integrating new Jamesway equipment is fast and easy.

Single-Stage incubators and hatchers

The Jamesway Platinum series offers the most worry free incubators and hatchers on the market. Adaptable to the needs of every customer, their machines feature leading-edge technology that combines excellent hatch results with efficient operation and worry-free management. Peace of mind for you, pride of design for us.

Ensuring the optimal environment

So simple to operate yet so sophisticated in its abilities, the Platinum series includes technology that constantly monitors and adjusts the environment to ensure industry-leading hatch results.

Energy efficient

Their Platinum series offer the most energy-efficient single-stage incubators and hatchers in the world. An efficient ECU, small variable-speed fans and intelligent software all reduce electricity consumption.


Their removable ECU allows the entire machine to be sanitized betJameswayen each hatch. This makes cleaning easier and enhances bio-security.

Easy to maintain

The easily removed ECU allows for quick downtime should an ECU fail; simply roll one out and roll a spare back in.

Fully equipped

Jamesway equip each Platinum single-stage machine with a complete set of racks and egg flats to fill the incubator, as Jameswayll as dollies and baskets to fill the hatcher. Jamesway also offer a wide choice of options and accessories.

The cornerstone of a worry free hatchery

  • Four small fans ensure the quality and uniform distribution of airflow while using less energy than a large central paddle fan.
  • Embedded software monitors machine sensors to establish the correct temperature, humidity and CO2
  • Optional three-phase motors provide higher reliability and loJameswayr installation costs.
  • Software automatically adjusts fan speed to precisely meet airflow needs with minimum energy required.
  • Profile and setup options make for easy operation with minimal manual intervention.
  • All Jamesway machines can be operated for a heat treatment during storage profile (i.e. SPIDES) for increased hatchability.
  • Multi-lingual 12” touchscreen controls for easy programming and monitoring of machines.
  • Air-tight cabinets allow natural build-up of CO2, and reduce the impact of the exterior environment, allowing for more precise control over the environment.

Multi-Stage incubators and hatchers

When it comes to multi-stage systems, no one delivers more than Jamesway. Since revolutionizing multi-stage incubation in 1959 with removable racks, plastic flats and continuous laminar airflow, Jamesway have fine-tuned and improved their machines to meet modern-day requirements. Their machines are unsurpassed in delivering high hatch rates, healthy chicks and energy-efficient processes.

Ensuring the optimal environment

Their multi-stage machines incorporate proven technology that ensures each stage of development includes the optimal mixture of heat, moisture, and CO2.

Designed to make your investment go further

The unique design and embedded technologies make their line of multi-stage machines the most cost-effective choice for every hatchery.

Easy to maintain

The multi-stage series is robust with front panel control elements, which are easily accessible with minimal rooftop hardware. This simplifies maintenance and repairs, while greatly reducing the duration of downtime. Jamesway also have a vast spare parts catalog, ensuring replacement parts are always within reach.

Fully equipped

You wouldn't buy a car without a set of wheels. Similarly, Jamesway equip each multi-stage machine with a complete set of racks and egg flats to fill the incubator, as Jameswayll as dollies and baskets to fill the hatcher.

Thoughtful design meets proven technology

  • Their patented laminar airflow system ensures even heat distribution throughout the machine and egg pack to optimize embryonic development.
  • Embedded software controls moisture loss and provides additional cooling.
  • Their system uses 6 small fans for increased energy efficiency, airflow and ease of maintenance.
  • PX Hatcher includes their patented pressurized-exhaust (PX) air flow system, which increases hatchability and improves chick quality.
  • Their egg turning system features individual air cylinders, providing fail safe operation and avoiding complications in embryo development.
  • Their removable, mobile racks advance eggs efficiently through the incubation process in a simple but precisely controlled environment.
  • The machine is completely air-cooled, so no additional cooling systems are required.
  • The environmental system efficiently uses conditioned fresh air to cool the oldest eggs, while using the heat from the advanced eggs to warm the early developing embryos.
  • PX Hatcher includes doors that can be mounted for either left-hand or right-hand opening to a full 180 degrees and are equipped with vinyl bulb-type gaskets.
  • Center-guide mechanisms in the PX Hatcher direct dollies to the back stop, for consistent cabinet pressures and airflows.